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Food From Around The World

About Us

Punjab International carries a longstanding tradition of providing the finest and the freshest. When looking for a unique, hard to acquire ingredient, Punjab international never disappoints. Over 40 years of service, Punjab International still takes pride in providing excellent customer service to Hamilton and its local neighbouring communities.

Hearty and unique with a worldly flare, that’s what you’ll find here at Punjab International. Our grocery selection is truly special with an extensive range of worldly products. We offer a great selection of fine delicatessen meats and cheeses, nuts and dried fruits, unique (and not so unique) baking ingredients, an array of spices, sauces and chocolates from all around the world. We have a unique hardware section that caters to curious home chefs as well as restaurants and caterers. We stock hard to find culinary tools and baking molds for all types of cuisines. It is truly a one of kind experience, being able to explore the world of food all in one location.

What initially started as a South Asian grocery store in 1977, Punjab International has evolved into a truly international market.

Catering to ethnic communities from Europe, South America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. When owner Saleem Mian, opened up his very first store over 40 years ago on Ottawa Street in Hamilton, he never imagined that it would evolve into a shopping destination for international foods. He along with his father built the first location, their intentions were to carry products familiar to them, mainly South Asian groceries!

Nestled in the heart of Hamilton’s textile district, customers would not let that happen. They kept coming in asking for things he never heard of. So what would he do? Make a note of them, and make it his mission to somehow deliver those foreign products as promised. What started 30 years ago, still stands today.

Our mission at Punjab International is to provide what our customers ask for. We take the time to get to know our customers with a personal touch, and go the extra mile. So if you’re looking for that unique ingredient your recipe calls for, or want to enlighten your palate with something different, you’ll know where to find It – the not so usual grocery store that carries almost everything.

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